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Advanced Procedures

Smile Makeover & Recontouring


A smile makeover is a comprehensive step-by-step treatment using minimally invasive dentistry designed to address all of your cosmetic concerns.  Factoring in the physical elements to a smile along with the proper adjustments can give you an esthetically pleasing smile.  The aligning of crowded and spaced out teeth, reducing a gummy smile, widening a narrow smile, changing the length or shape of teeth, and tooth replacement all can have a drastic influence on a patient’s all around beauty.  Recontouring or reshaping the appearance of one’s teeth and gum tissue is another possible esthetic adjustment.  A well-designed treatment plan to suit each individual brings about a unique smile to meet your expectations.

Oral Surgery


Third molars can cause you to lose adjacent teeth since they can create an unhygienic site harboring plaque, tartar, tooth decay, and mal-occlusion. Their removal can create a healthier mouth with less attention to their existence.

Crown Lengthening


Crown lengthening is used to establish harmony and balance to the esthetic zone of the mouth as well as facilitating the placement of crowns or restorations.  It involves removal of an indicated amount of bone to create a natural and healthy periodontium.  Gingivectomy is a procedure used to correct and balance esthetic zone tissue as well as restoring one’s teeth.

Root Canal


An alternative to tooth extraction, root canal treatment involves the removal of the affected nerve tissue. Root canal has an extremely high success rate in providing the patient with an opportunity to retain their teeth. The patient is therefore able to keep their teeth and maintain proper function.

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